METABOLICUISINE (min. 6, max. 12 persons, *= for vegetarians)

The real ancient and worldwide praised Mediterranean Cuisine with its various cooking styles shows you how wonderful healthy food can taste. Fresh and genuine ingredients, their correct combination and the proper preparation of every single dish guarantee a maximum of olfactory satisfaction. You will dine exquisitely, you will eat healthy as much as you want without counting calories, any regrets nor preoccupation. Well, if you want to know more about how to balance your metabolism with a simple change of nutrition habits, the Health Care Cooking Class is your service. Furthermore you will learn how to gain and hold your favorite weight without being hungry, without diets nor expensive wonder pills and last not least – you will become a real Gourmet.



PLEASE NOTE - If you're interested to entertain and learn more here in your beautiful Tuscan holiday home , do not hesitate to contact Chef Mattisse to set up special Health Care Cooking Classes or Seminars. From November to March these Cooking Classes and Seminars are available even in your own home all over Europe. The Health Care Dinner service includes roundtrip 100 km, daily shopping for fresh food items, the preparation of your quality meal from scratch right in your home, dishing up, final clean of the kitchen. Drinks are NOT included, but available on request.


WINE - If you desire to order D.O.C.G. , D.O.C. or I.G.T. wine, Chef Mattisse can bring in unbeatable (price quality) biological wines and is also able to offer you a wide range of local and international labels. Please indicate your favorite producer or how much you'd like to spend for a good bottle (0.75 l) and quantity.


HOW - The following four menu proposals shall only show you how to follow the seasons. For more options please forward your likes or dislikes and you will receive a menu proposal for your personal Health Dinner or Cooking Class.


COOKING TOGETHER-If you book a dinner and you desire to assist the preparation of your menu, upon agreement you can do so helping Chef Mattisse in the kitchen from the start to the very end of the service. Like this you get a mini COOKING CLASS at the cost of a dinner service (Max. 3 persons in the kitchen).



Spring (March, April, May)
HM11 Insalata del campo* (small wild salad with dark vinaigrette and herbs)
HM12 Cavolata* (great soup with assorted cabbage)
HM13 Faraona al Marsala (guinea-fowl with herbs and amber Marsala)
HM14 Carciofi all'aglio e prezzemolo* (artichokes with garlic and parsley)
HM15 Fragole fresche al limone e menta* (fresh strawberries with lemon and mint)

Summer (June, July, August)
HM21 Involtini di melanzane * (grilled eggplant rolls with fresh tomato, Ricotta cheese, capers and herbs)
HM22 Pasta all'Arrabbiata* (whole grain pasta with fresh tomato, chilies, garlic and fresh basil)
HM23 Pesce in acqua pazza (mediterranean fish with garlic, herbs and white wine)
HM24 Spinaci saltati all'aglio e olio* (spinach with garlic and olive oil)
HM25 Panna cotta con mousse di frutti del bosco* (fresh Tuscan vanilla cream custard with wild berry mousse)

Autumn (September, October, November)
HM31 Passato di ceci con rosmarino e croutons* (bisque with chickpeas, rosemary & croutons)
HM32 Risotto con funghi porcini* (brown rice with porcini mushroom sauce)
HM33 Pollo alla cacciatora (tasty Tuscan chicken with tomato, olives and herbs)
HM34 Fagioli all'olio* (cannellini beans with olive oil)
HM35 Tortino con le mele, ricotta e miele di Castagno* (small apple cake with Ricotta cheese and chestnut honey)

Winter (Dicember, January, February)
HM41 Carpaccio di carciofi e grana* (artichoke carpaccio with lemon and Parmesan)
HM42 Zuppa di lenticchie con verdure al rosmarino* (Tuscan lentil soup with vegetable and rosemary)
HM43 Involtini di verza (green cabbage rolls with meat)
HM44 Verdura di stagione alla griglia* (grilled season vegetable)
HM45 Arance al Cointreaux con salsa di cioccolato* (oranges flambée with Cointreaux and chocolate sauce)


: Until it is possible Chef Mattisse prepares all your Menus mostly with BIO-dynamic or/and NO OGM ingredients. Usually all ingredients are available, but sometimes there might be a menu change. If so I beg your pardon and thanks for your understanding. Furthermore Chef Mattisse will not be responsible for any harm or injury, neither physical nor mental, resulting from any allergy or any hypersensitive reaction towards certain aliments.


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