CLASSIC MENU Italian and Tuscan cuisine at its best (min. 6, max. 20 persons)

The service includes roundtrip 100km, daily shopping for fresh food items, the preparation of your quality meal from scratch right in your home, dishing up, final clean of the kitchen. Drinks are NOT included, but available on request.


If you like to entertain every now and then (more than 20 persons), garden parties, small weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions please contact Mattisse for an estimate. All food will be delivered, prepared and arranged as a buffet in your chosen location using your facilities.


WINE - If you desire to order D.O.C.G. or I.G.T. wine, Chef Mattisse can bring in unbeatable wines (price-quality) and is also able to offer you a wide range of local and international labels, please indicate your favorite producer or how much you'd like to spend for a good bottle (0.75 l) and quantity.


HOW - The following proposals shall help you to select the Menu for your (first) event. But you can also mix & match within the Classic Menu below and compose the menu by yourself (always five dishes: 1 Starter, 1 First Dish, 1 Second Dish, 1 Side Dish, 1 Dessert) indicating the numbers of the single dishes in the order form. If you desire more courses, please contact Mattisse for an estimate. (* = for vegetarians, eggs and milk products must be allowed)


NEW - COOKING TOGETHER. If you desire to assist the preparation of your selected menu, upon agreement you can do so helping Chef Mattisse in the kitchen from the start to the very end of the service. Like this you get a mini COOKING CLASS for the cost of a dinner service (Max. 2 persons in the kitchen).


TIME - Arrival time around 5-6 pm, dinner time around 7-8 pm.


The WINNER and most requested CLASSIC Menu:

CM031 Bruschetta classica (Toasted garlic bread with fresh tomato and basil) *
CM032 Ribollita (The world famous Tuscan bread soup) *
CM013 Tagliata di pollo con Vinsanto & salvia (Special Tuscan chicken with fresh sage & flambée with Vinsanto) CM074 Verdure saltate (Sautée season vegetable) *
CM015 Panna cotta con salsa di cioccolato (Fresh Tuscan custard with chocolate sauce) *


Menu 01 Nisio

CM011 Bruschetta tricolore (Toasted garlic bread with fresh tomato, rucola & Parmesan) *
CM012 Minestra contadina toscana (Special Tuscan soup with grain, legumes & vegetable) *
CM013 Tagliata di pollo con Vinsanto & salvia (Special Tuscan chicken with fresh sage & flambée with Vinsanto) CM014 Bietola saltata (Large Tuscan spinach sautée with garlic & olive oil) *
CM015 Panna cotta con salsa di cioccolato (Fresh Tuscan custard with chocolate sauce) *


Menu 02 Giocondo

CM021 Panzanella (The true Tuscan bread salad with tomato, cucumber, red onions & basil) *
CM022 Spaghetti colle briciole (Pasta with lots of garlic, hot chilly pepper, bread crumbs & parsley) *
CM023 Scamerita ´briaca (pork with vegetable, wine & fennel)
CM024 Patate aglio & rosmarino (Rosemary potatoes) *
CM025 Tortina di frutta della stagione (Fruit cake with cream) *


Menu 03 Adriano

CM031 Bruschetta classica (Toasted garlic bread with fresh tomato and basil) *
CM032 Ribollita (The world famous Tuscan bread soup) *
CM033 Pollo alla cacciatora (Tuscan chicken with black olives, pine nuts & other good stuff)
CM034 Verdura di stagione saltata (Vegetable of the season sauté with garlic & olive oil) *
CM035 Panna cotta con salsa di frutta (Fresh Tuscan custard with fruit sauce) *


Menu 04 Beppe

CM041 Frittata (Tuscan egg-cake with what is in season & Parmesan) *
CM042 Gnocchi/pasta rosé (Potato balls or pasta with tomato, basil & cream) *
CM043 Saltimbocca Toscana (Beef with Tuscan ham, fresh sage and flambee with Vinsanto)
CM044 Piselli saltati con aglio & limone (Peas sautée with garlic & lemon) *
CM045 Crema di cioccolato (Chocolate cream) *


Menu 05 Vieri

CM051 Taleggio affogato (yummy cheese with red onion, vinegar & olive oil) *
CM052 Spaghetti favoriti (Great pasta with tomato, garlic, hot chilly pepper, basil and white wine) *
CM053 Peposo dell´Impruneta (Tasty hot Tuscan beef stew with black pepper, garlic & red wine)
CM054 Fagioli all'olio (Tuscan Cannellini beans with olive oil, sage & garlic) *
CM055 Tiramisu Classic (No comment) *


Menu 06 Lamberto

CM061 Carpaccio di zucchine con parmigiano (Sliced marinated zucchini with Parmesan) *
CM062 Pappa al pomodoro (Thick Tuscan bread soup with tomatoes & basil) *
CM063 Pollo con olive nere (Tuscan chicken stew with black olives & Vinsanto)
CM064 Peperonata (Bell pepper with onion & tomato) *
CM065 Coppette all'Amaretto (Bisquit cake with Mascarpone, Coffee, Amaretto liqueur and chocolate) *


Menu 07 Giacomo

CM071 Carpaccio di manzo con rucola & parmigiano (Raw thinly sliced marinated beef with arugola & Parmesan) CM072 Maniche al Gorgonzola & rucola (Short big pasta with creamy Gorgonzola sauce & rocket) *
CM073 Scaloppina alla Pizzaiola (Beef with tomatoes, capers, mozzarella & parsley)
CM074 Verdure alla griglia (Grilled season vegetable) *
CM075 Sfogliata con le mele (Thin Tuscan apple cake with honey and toasted pine nuts) *


Menu 08 Nando

CM081 Bruschetta con funghi (Toasted garlic bread with mushroom sauce) *
CM082 Scotelloni con pancetta (Short pasta with bacon, onion and tomato)
CM083 Scaloppina al Marsala (Beef with Marsala)
CM084 Insalata a scelta (Salad of your choice) *
CM085 Crema stracciatella (Mousse with fresh vanilla cream, chocolate and bisquit) *


Menu 09 Sirena (FISH)

CM091 Insalata di arance & finocchio (Refreshing orange & fennel salad) *
CM092 Spaghetti alla pescatora (Pasta with assorted fish & shellfish)
CM093 Pesce al profumo di erbe toscane (White fish with Tuscan herbs)
CM094 Patate all´origano (Potatoes with oregano) *
CM095 Torta al Limoncello (Limoncello cake) *


Menu 10 Aurora

CM001 Crostini rossi piccanti (Spicy canapees with tomato & Parmesan)*
CM002 Bavette al pesto & patate (Pasta with basil pesto and potatoes)*
CM003 Pollo al latte (chicken simmered with herbs, milk & wine)
CM004 Insalata mista (Green, radicchio, tomato, cucumber, a.o.)*
CM005 Pere & pecorino (Pears and Pecorino cheese with honey)*


Insalatine da sostituire con antipasti o/e contorni
(Small salads to interchange with starters or/and side dishes)

CMS01 Cetrioli & pomodoro (Cucumber & tomato)*
CMS02 Pere, radicchio & gentile (Pears, radicchio & green)*
CMS03 Finocchio, carote & cavolo bianco (Fennel, carots & white cabbage)*
CMS04 Insalata mista (Green, radicchio, tomato, cucumber, a.o.)*
CMS05 Porri & Parmigiano (Leek & Parmesan)*
CMS06 Champignon, pompelmo & radicchio (mushrooms, grapefruit & radicchio)*
CMS07 Rucola, radicchio & pinoli (Rocket, radicchio & pine nuts)*


Delizie estive da sostituire con secondi piatti, disponibili anche senza carni per vegetariani
(Summer delights to interchange with main courses, available also without meat for vegetarians)


CMSS1 Insalatona con Mozzarella (Mozzarella, tomatoes, latuga, tuscan ham)
CMSS2 Insalatona con Scamorza (Celery, tomatoes, smoked cheese, tuscan ham)
CMSS3 Insalatona con Taleggio (Grilled red onions with Radicchio, bacon & Taleggio cheese)
CMSS4 Insalatona con Bresaola & Gorgonzola (Bresaola, radicchio, celery & Gorgonzola)
CMSS5 Insalatona con verdure (Grilled eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, prosciutto)
CMSS6 Insalatona con tonno, sedano & cipolla (Tuna, celery & onion)
CMSS7 Insalatona con tonno, fave & cipolla (Tuna, big white beans & onion)


SEASON MENUS (same conditions like the Classic Menu)


On large request these menus depend completely on the seasonal availability of the market offers and therefore the dishes cannot be defined here. If you desire a beautiful surprise with local specialities, just indicate your dislikes and trust Mattisse´s creativity.


Until it is possible Chef Mattisse prepares all your Menus mostly with BIO-dynamic or/and NO OGM ingredients. Usually all ingredients are available, but sometimes there might be a menu change. If so I beg your pardon and thanks for your understanding. Furthermore Chef Mattisse will not be responsible for any harm or injury, neither physical nor mental, resulting from any allergy or any hypersensitive reaction towards certain aliments.


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