Below you find the main services, please select your favorite one. On special request all services can be rearranged or even invented according to your personal needs ! please ask for further information.


1) Classic Chef Service (min. 06, max. 20 persons)
There´s no need to leave your beautiful villa for a great meal. Just call in a professional and enjoy real quality food with an entire menu prepared from scratch right in your kitchen. Chef Mattisse uses only daily shopped ingredients, a fact you can see, touch, smell and taste. Minimum charge for 6 persons.

2) Cooking Classes (min. 06, max. 12 persons)

With these programs food lovers will find back to the cradle of true and sincere cuisine. Please select your favorite menu from the listed dishes and discover a cooking style the whole world is raving about. Minimum charge is for 6 persons.

3) Gourmet Dinner (min. 06, max. 12 persons)

You love to dine with style and enjoy food and wine at the best. The Gourmet service presents great dishes of Italian and International cuisine with colorful and creative arrangements for all those who like it special. Minimum charge is for 6 persons.

4) Dinner for Two (the romantic service for Honeymooners and Lovers, min & max 2 persons)

This intimate and romantic "Tête à Tête" service for Lovers and Honeymooners is the perfect solution for any occasion to tell your beloved how much they mean to you. Chef Mattisse will be honored to arrange these particular moments only for you and your partner to make them become unforgettable.


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