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What the others say (Comments and greetings)

Chef Mattisse is a multilingual "Personal Chef" with worldwide references from a huge variety of satisfied customers including famous personalities and celebrities.
He also appeared in "THE WASHINGTON POST" (by Al Kamen and Peter Behr), "N.Y. TIMES" (by Susan Alport), "MIAU" life style magazine (Bratislava), "CASE & COUNTRY" life style magazine (Milano) , "GREAT OUTDOORS" (TV show Australia) and many others, e.g.

"THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY" (by Ian McCurrach UK) You can do your own things for lunch, like eat out, or bring in a personal chef. We employed the services of Masterchef Mattisse on our second day, who came in and cooked a fabulous lunch of fresh octopus salad, carpaccio of beef with rocket and parmesan, home-made pasta, natch, with tomato and basil, followed by Tuscan chicken, flambéed with Vinsanto.


"TUSCANY NOW" Hand picked villas with private pools in Tuscany and Italy. When it comes to having gastronomic experiences in Tuscany, perhaps the best option is to hire Mattisse, the renowned personal chef who will source all your ingredients and cook for you in your villa. You cannot go wrong with Mattisse: his calm style, wealth of kitchen experience and intimate knowledge of local cuisine sit beautifully alongside his heartfelt love of great Italian food.


"PARADIZO" (USA) Savor summer with a private chef in Tuscany - Fresh bruschetta, tagliata di pollo, panna cotta and ribollita. Taste the true local delights on your luxury vacation in Tuscany with help from a skilled private chef. A private chef comes to your private villa armed with fresh ingredients bought that very day and a flair for preparing unforgettable meals. Chef Mattisse offers a variety of services that will exceed all expectations. From basic cooking classes to intimate candlelit dinners, Chef Mattisse offers a wide range of private chef services that matches the variety of tantalizing dishes presented in his menus.


"RENTVILLAS" Providing unique accommodations for authentic European cultural experiences. Charming, funny, and tri-lingual, Chef Mattisse will fill your house withdelicious aromas and serve up one of his masterpiece meals. Dinner or lunch is five courses: appetizer, first course (pasta, rice or soup), second course (meat, chicken, fish or vegetarian), side dish, and dessert.


"TO TUSCANY" Holiday Villas in Tuscany Cook in your own Tuscany villa with Chef Mattisse. Rather than having to travel for your cooking classes, multilingual Chef Mattisse will teach you from your own holiday villa, bringing all the necessary ingredients and wines with him. The classes available include a four hour basic course with five courses, a six hour advanced course, or individual classes; with the option to add a shopping trip with Mattisse to your experience. Group classes should have a minimum of four people, and take a maximum of 12.


"VILLAEUROPE" The freedom to discover is yours ! Dear Mattisse, I am finally back in the USA and I do want to thank you for dinner last week.You are indeed a fabulous chef and believe me I have tested many a kitchen. Again, thank you so much for the kindness, the great food and your friendship. This is a great combination. All the best, Suzanne Cohen (USA)



Dear Chef Mattisse! It was so lovely last night and our leftovers were so sooooo good as well! Please forward me the recipes from last nights dinner. Remember please call on us when you come to NY! My husband said maybe we will have a party in your honor! Be well and eat better! Hugs Gayle (USA)


Dear Mattisse, Our dinner was excellent! Thank you so very much for your good company and sharing your joy of cooking with us. It was a very special evening for each of us. We all learned some new secrets to successful preparation of simple and delicious dining. If you ever come to beautiful Seattle, please be our guest. We have a home on the beach with crabs, clams, salmon mussels and other sea delights out the front door, just for the catching and eating. With warm regards, Frances and all the other happy foodies (USA)


Dear Mattisse, We thought you might like a copy of the photo taken before our anniversary lunch at the villa in August. Thank you once again for two very delicious and enjoyable occasions; they will be long remembered! And thank you again for the bottle of wine which we have with us here in UK where we will enjoy it ourselves and bring back memories of a very happy visit to Tuscany. With best wishes, Michael and Jane (UK)



Dear Franco, I wanted to thank you so very much for providing our whole family with such a great vacation. We planned on that for years and your villa was perfect in every way. We had everything we expected and be sure that I will recommend your villa to all our friends. Thanks also for your advice to call in "Mattisse the Chiantichef". We all enjoyed his company and had a wonderful cooking class and dinner. What a great way to finish our fantastic experiences in Chiantishire. See you next time ! Very best regards, Greg, Paul, Brad, Shirley, Gail and Sandy (USA)


Hello Mattisse, Thank you very much for a lovely evening yesterday......we enjoyed the cooking lesson, and the food was amazing...especially the tomato basil pasta. We look forward to your recipes from last night, best regards, Dave (Canada/SA)


Mr. Mattisse, thanks again for a wonderful dinner Tuesday. The quality and service was excellent and we all enjoyed your company. We would recommend you highly. Regards Jim (USA)


Chef Mattisse !! The whole family would like to thank you very much for the wonderful dinner and cooking lesson you presented us. The whole afternoon was just delightful and the food was delicious. Needless to say, everyone would LOVE to have the recipes for all the dishes you prepared for us. I will pass them on to the others. Thank you so very much!! Ciao! Norine (USA)


Dear Chef Mattisse, We would like to confirm our desire to have you provide your CLASSIC dinner for us. We were fortunate enough to experience your services several years ago. We enjoyed it then and I am sure that we will enjoy it again this fall. Best Regards, Gary (USA)



Chef Mattisse, Our group wanted to thank you again for an outstanding meal and experience. The meal you prepared tasted amazing .... such wonderful flavors in every dish. Everyone truly enjoyed it and continue to share the experience with others when they ask about our time in Tuscany. Thank you again for your sharing your great culinary skills with our group! Regards, B. Southerland (USA)


Hello Mattisse,
Our family has returned to the USA and are bragging about our wonderful culinary experience with you. We can't wait to try our recipes again. We all had such a wonderful time. We will certainly recommend you to our friends and family on future trips to Italy. We are all also planning to review highly on TripAdvisor. If you would please send me the recipes, I will forward them to the members of our group. Again thank you so much for making our fabulous trip to Italy so much better. Maureen (USA)


Hello Mattisse,
Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for a wonderful night of cooking. The food was amazing. The kids had a blast! Could you possibly forward e a few recipes? The ragu, the chicken dish, the tiramisu and if you have a good biscotti recipe, please send along too. Enjoy your summer!!! Laura (USA)


Chef Mattisse,
Thank you so much for accommodating us on such short notice. The guests were very happy with the services and have all said they would highly recommend you to other guests. I am certain we will meet again. Kind regards, Renee (USA)


Chef Mattisse,
Thank you for both of the meals that you prepared for us and I appreciate your patience with the kids and the family chaos. Everything was great and we enjoyed both meals and the wine. Hope to see you again some time soon. Lily (USA)



Mattisse, thanks for a wonderful week. Mark Knopfler (UK/USA)


Dear Chef Mattisse - We would just like to thank you again for the wonderful meal you prepared for us and our friends at Villa Augusto two weeks ago. Wonderful Italian cooking and great wine....could not have asked for more. We have some wonderful photos from that dinner and attached are a couple we thought you might like. We may not return to Tuscany or Umbria for a couple of years but no doubt when we find our way back you will hear from us. Until then, we wish you all the best. Sincerely, Judith and Brad (Canada)


Chef Mattisse, had a great time! Thank you! Meal was great! I will send photos Thanks again! Alison (USA)


Dear Chef Mattisse, Thank you for your kind note. Our Guests were extremely happy with your service and your food. We would be happy to refer you to our future clients. Have a wonderful day! Warm regards, Lilian (USA)


Hi Mattisse We had a great time last week at our villa, thank you for such an enjoyable and knowledgeable cooking session. The food was delicious and I learned a lot too!! I will always cut onions like you showed us from now on. Thanks for all your insight and enthusiasm, we had a fantastic time with you in Italy. Keep us posted on your London plans, they sound very exciting!!! I am also going to pass your details to a friend at work who is coming to italy this summer and asked if I knew someone could do a cooking session for them! Take care, Keith (GB/SA)



Dear Mattisse
it was fabulous. Johnny Bench (USA)


Dear Mattisse, We just arrived in Alabama last night. We retired early and of course are up very early this morning. After laundry is done, shopping and paying bills, I will download my pictures and get back to you. Thank you ever so much for making our Tuscany experience one to always remember. Ella (USA)


Hello Chef! Thank you again for the wonderful evening you provided us, which will be forever in our memories... but - to help us jump start our memory through the amazing sights and smells from that evening - would you mind sharing with us the recipes we did? We will send some photos for your files as soon as we get them organized, as well. Again, grazie mille! Daniela (Canada)


Chef Mattisse,
we are now back in the US and miss Italy. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the wonderful Celebration luncheon you prepared for my family. It was fabulous, perfect, delicious, what more can I say. My family has mentioned often that probably one of the best, if not the best meal they had while in Italy was your luncheon. Thank you for making our celebration a perfect event. I hope to stay in touch and enlist your services again on one of my future trips to Italy. I will also recommend you to any of my friends who are looking for a Chef when in the Siena and surrounding area. Mille grazie, Lynn (USA)


Buongiorno Chef Mattisse,
Wanted to write a note of thanks for your cooking service on our recent trip to Tuscany. All six of us on the trip were so thrilled with your food, and are still talking to people about it! Our only regret is not hiring you for more than one night. We would love it if you are willing to share your recipes for the menu and we look forward to our next trip to Tuscany - where we would hope to hire you again! Grazie Mille, Peter (USA)


Hello Chef,
We enjoyed our recent cooking class and our entire group had a fantastic time. We were wondering if you could send us the recipes from our dinner. The Tuscan bread soup, beef Saltimbocca and panna cotta with chocolate sauce. We appreciate it! Thank you Sandy (USA)



Dear Mattisse,
It was so lovely of you to have us round for dinner. It was the highlight of our trip to Italy. Thank you for the wonderful evening and we look forward to seeing you again in Italy. Lots of love, Daniel and Gina (UK)


Ein Hallo dem Meister,
Also dass uns gerade ein Bayer toskanisch verzaubern würde, wer hätte das gedacht. Aber wir sind uns einig und vielen Dank – ja, Du hast recht, die beste Küche ist eine ehrliche und einfache, ohne viel Firlefanz und Pipapo. Wir werden uns hier im Schwarzwald mal auf die Suche machen nach "ehrlichen" Restaurants ! Und wenn Ihr an Weihnachten hoch kommt, ruft an, und wir lassen die Kochlöffel tanzen. Seid gegrüßt aus Freiburg und hoffentlich auf bald. Ciao Gert, Wolfram, Lorle und Petra (Germany)


Dear Mattisse
Thank you again- we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Tuscany and our time with you made it even more special. We will be in touch on our next trip, until then. Buon Appetito! Sandy (USA)


Hello Mattisse,
We have just returned from our wonderful trip to Italy. Our group of six all felt one of the highlights of our Italian trip was the time spent with you at the villa at your cooking class. Mattisse, not only are you a great chef, you're personable and have that great personality that makes everyone like you from the very first time they meet you. You possess all those good traits and at the same time a good teacher. The number of hints to make things much easier you have given us in our cooking class with you will be used many times by all of us. Mattisse on your next trip to the U.S ( let us know) we could gather our group together with a few additions and have another great cooking class and meal with you. Again thank you for the class and the recipes, Jeanette (USA)


Claude Lemieux


Dear Mattisse,

it has been a real pleasure to work with you. Take care Claude Lemieux (USA)


Dear Mattisse
Thank you so much for your email and the recipes. What a wonderful and entertaining evening we spent in your company a week past Friday. The food was absolutely gorgeous and we spoke about it for many a day. What's more even at my tender age, I picked up good tips for good food. We even bought a mandolino at the market the following week and I have been practicing with the Zuchinni. You certainly have made a lasting impression on all of us. By the way we had a wonderful pasta di pomodori in Montalcino on Saturday. I remember you mentioning that if any person can make a really good one then they are good cooks. Incidentally do you have a recipe for that. I will cetainly recommend you to all and I hope we meet again. Kind regards Christa (UK)


Hello Mattisse, Our family has returned to the USA and are bragging about our wonderful culinary experience with you. We can't wait to try our recipes again. We all had such a wonderful time. We will certainly recommend you to our friends and family on future trips to Italy. We are all also planning to review highly on TripAdvisor. If you would please send me the recipes, I will forward them to the members of our group. Again thank you so much for making our fabulous trip to Italy so much better. Maureen (USA)


Chef Mattisse
On behalf of the whole family and friends, I want to thank you for the enjoyable evening, an entertaining lesson and a wonderful meal. Please provide us the recipes so we may have the pleasure of trying to duplicate the Tuscany cuisine. If you ever find yourself in the greater New York metro area be sure to let us know. It would be nice to duplicate the event stateside at some time in the future. All our best, John and Debbie (USA)



Dear Mattisse
Thanks again for preparing dinner at the villa on Wednesday night - my whole family had a great time, and we thought the food was superb! We'll definitely recommend your services to any friends visiting the area. If you get a chance, could you please send your recipe for the Carpaccio dressing and also pasta rose sauce? They were both amazing. I'll also send them onto my mother and brothers. Many thanks Leigh (Australia/UK)


HI Mattisse
thanks again for the splendid time at Casa Vecchia, it was inspiring as well as full of great practical tips! Could you please mail me the recipes so I can impress my family with my new skills, Grazie, Margi (SA/Kenia)


Guten Abend Mattisse,
einfach großartig was die Bayern im Ausland so alles zustande bringen. Dein Essen war großartig und unser Abend lebt noch lange weiter fort in unserer Erinnerung. Bitte melde dich wenn du an den Niederrhein kommst, Silke, Ansgar, Robbs und Moni sind bestimmt dabei und wir kriegen 1 bis 2 Abendessen zusammen. Ciao, Rainer und Elli (Germany)


Chef Mattisse
Thank you again for a wonderful evening. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed it immensely. Please let us know when you will be in the NY area. And we will be back in Tuscany so I am sure we will meet again soon. Many thanks! Dave (USA)



Dear Mattisse -- Thank you again for a wonderful cooking class experience last week in tuscany! The dinner was amazing! take care, Sandy (USA)


Hello again Chef Mattisse,
It was a pleasure to meet you and learn from you. Clearly a highlight of our vacation. Thank you again for such a wonderful evening. Best Regards, Rhonda (lady with purple fingernails) (USA)


Besser hätt´s net sein können, weiter so ! Ciao der Manfred aus Ingolstadt mit der ewigen Zigarre (Germany)


Hi Mattisse,
Great Meal in Tuscany last week with Jay. As discussed, I would like to have the pasta dish recipe. I look forward to your response. Thanks Craig (Bermuda USA)



Hi Mattisse I hope you are well. Once again - thank you for the fantastic day we spent with you last week. It really was the highlight of our trip. When you get a chance, please can you email me the various recipes so that I can forward them on to my family who are now all safely back in SA. Regards Michael (South Africa)


Chef Mattisse I just wanted to express my thanks for your services at the villa last week. I think everyone had a good, fun and educational time, and thank for the recipes as well. Sandy (USA)


The best food in the world. Thanks for being part of us, Scott y Mariella (Argentina)


Hi Mattisse!
We thoroughly enjoyed your company and cooking - many of the guests were asking when you're coming back for the next party. Your food was marvelous! We look forward to seeing you soon, either in Italy or here in the States. All our best, Sandi & Rich (USA)


Hello Chef Mattisse,
Thank you so much for the cooking lesson you held in our villa, the participants really enjoyed themselves and learned a lot. Utensils were bought at the Poggibonsi Market Day. The cooking experience with you was one of the highlights of our trip. We'll be sure to recommend you to friends who may be visiting Tuscany. Thank you for sending the recipes. We plan on making the dinner again when we're altogether in the Fall. We have great memories of our Tuscan trip. Continued success with your cooking business. Robin (USA)



Hey Chef Mattisse,
Just back from our time in Italy and I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful meal. Everyone genuinely enjoyed the evening....your cooking and the wine selection were spectacular and was truly one of the highlights of our trip... If you ever find yourself back in the States, please keep my email in your files....we'd love to show you the coastal regions of North Carolina.....there is also a "kickin'" hot dog stand near the beach if you are still interested in trying "local" food!! I also appreciated your advice on "no red wine without food". You quite possibly have saved me from a few hang-overs!!! If you create a mailing list, add me to it!! Thanks again! Melinda (USA)


Hello Mattisse,
Everyone there thoroughly enjoyed the food and the "chefs" had a wonderful time being both educated and entertained by yourself. We would all love to receive the recipes that you shared with us that evening, when you have a chance to send them. Hopefully we will have an opportunity to book another meal with you sometime in the future. Should you ever decide to pay a visit to Canada, please be sure to let us know! Thanks again, Babs and the rest of the extended family (Canada)


Dear Mattisse.
Thank you so much for a wonderful time with you in Tuscany last week. We all enjoyed your classic Tuscan food very much and learned that less is more. Being around you while cooking was a great experience. Hope to see you again some time. Best regards Peter from Copenhagen (Denmark)


Dear Mattisse,
it doesn't seem possible that at this time last week we were still in glorious Tuscany. What a great trip we had!!! Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful evening you provided for us, we're still talking about it. Hope to see you again in the very near future. Best regards, Anne Ellen (USA)



Hello my friend Mattisse,
I have thrown myself into cooking and entertaining on the patio. I have prepared the meal you presented to us many times. Thank you for awaking my culinary interests again. When I cook I must have an Italian Opera playing for inspiration, at my age cooking is not a job, but an expression of art. If you are ever in or near Ohio I am sure you will let me know, so we can hook up. Ciao Maurizio (USA)


Dear Mattisse How lovely to hear from you. Gina, Tom and I have such happy memories of our summer in Tuscany, especially your beautiful cooking and company. Best wishes for 2008 and lots of love, Daniel, Gina and Tom (UK)


Dear Mattisse, We had a great time in Tuscany, and the highlight of our stay was your creative and delicious dinner. We hope to see you again, and please let us know when you plan to come to the States, we haven't forgotten the promise to get you to some fun places here in L.A. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy and successful New Year! Zsuzsa (USA)



Salve Mattisse, niente male quella cenetta sabato scorso, i miei complimenti ! Dai, anche a tutti quanti noi piace la cucina asiatica, faciamo un festival, prendi i tuoi wok e vieni a casa nostra e si cucina insieme !!! Fatti sentire, ciao Raoul & e la Femmmina (Italy)


Hallodrio Mattisse, sehr schön von dir zu hören und ja, wir haben es eingesehen Maestro - Frische ist angesagt. Carola kocht inzwischen „wie bei Muttern" und wir können dir nicht genug danken für unsere kulinarische Kehrtwendung. Sei lieb umarmt und melde dich, addios amico toskano, Martin, Esther, Phillip & Carola (Germany)


Buongiorno Chef Mattisse... I'm afraid we are at home and we are all missing Tuscany. It was a beautiful time at our villa on the hillside and we have taken very fond memories with us. One of those memories is the wonderful day we shared with you. The meal was eccellente! The wine--splendido. We are gathering next week to share pictures and cook our favorite Tuscan meal. Thank you again for the fun-filled day of cooking, advice and philosophy! Julie and the rest of the group: Frank, Linda, Lindsay, Sean, Rick, Val, Chelsea, Tyler, Gracie (USA)



Ciao maestro Mattisse, soltanto una domanda – perche non vuoi aprire il mio ristorante preferito ? Pensaci, forza !!! Un´abbraccio e grazie mille per la splendida serata. Maria e Sergio (Italy)


Buonjourno Mattisse the Magnificent !
How this Hippo wishes he were in beautiful Tuscany now enjoying your company and being far away from the gloom of the UK commercial property market which is currently as friendly as a charging wild boar !! Nevertheless, his thoughts are turned towards 2008 and holidays in Italia - molto bene ! Take very best care Mattisse. Very, very best wishes, Mr. H. Potamus (UK)


Chef, we are enjoying the holiday season and plan to enjoy much good food and drink. All the best for a healthy and successful New Year. And thanks for providing a great meal and experience in Tuscany. We enjoyed the food you prepared and meeting you as well. David (USA)



Dear Mattisse, We all loved having you not once, but twice. I hope you did not have to drink too much when you left us after we sang your special birthday song! Everything you prepared was wonderful, but my favorites still are the soup, risotto and bruschetta salad. I wish we could have worked our way through all your menu choices. I suppose we would still be there! Not a bad thing. Should we find ourselves in Tuscany again I will surely contact you. In the meantime, if anyone is looking for a recommendation I will give them you. Thank you for your part in adding magic to our Italian holiday. Ciao, Carole (USA)


Dear Chef, Just a note to thank you for providing us with a wonderful dinner at our Castello in Tuscany. Our family loved the food and wine, and we all enjoyed meeting you. We will certainly recommend you to our friends, and maybe we will meet again someday. Grazie, Barbara and Pat (USA)


Seavas Mattisse, gut daß wir dabei waren beim Kochen, sonst hätt´ich g´sagt du hast g´schummelt. Jawohl, so gefällt mir das – frisch, einfach und sauber, schnell, gesund und ein super Geschmack. Trotzdem, solltest du ein echtes „Wiener Saftgylas" nicht verschmähen wollen, dann erwarten wir dich im Herbst in unserem schönen Österreich, Anruf genügt und dein Bett steht bereit. Stefan, Susi, Ferdl und Evi (Austria)



Chef Mattisse, Just a short note to let you we are back home. Each time we tell our friends about our week in Tuscany we begin with the great meal you prepared for us. As soon as we decompress, I will arrange the fotos and send you a folder. Until then, thank you for a wonderful experience. Maurizio (USA)

Ein Hallo dem großen Küchenmeister, nach deinem Kochkurs wurde unsere toskanische Woche ganz plötzlich zum kulinarischen Streifzug. Aber auch dies ist Kultur und zwar vom Feinsten. Danke für die Rezepte, Elisabeth ist mit all deinen Tips schon am Experimentieren, vielleicht gibt´s ja doch eine „geheime" Verbindung zwischen badischer und toskanischer Küche. Mir soll´s recht sein, dank dir ist endlich wieder was los in unserer Küche. Nochmals DANKE und ein feuchtfröhliches Prosit aus Freiburg, Karl und Elisabeth (Germany)

Mattisse, Holly and I just want to say it was a pleasure to have meet you and really enjoyed not only your cooking but your friendship. We truly had a wonderful experience in Italy and you were certainly one of the highlights. We have been ranting and raving about you and I see some of my friends have already reached out to you. All the best Marty and Holly (USA)

Mattisse - We finally arrived back home to Charlotte. It was a wonderful time in your country. Thank you for all of your work and preparation for our cooking class. We all enjoyed the event and once again, thank you for all your efforts. Mike (USA)



Hi Chef Mattisse, We have practiced the red onion and stinky cheese and love it! We found great cheese at a specialty store and also used a few different wines to find our favorite. We will definitely try the new recipes your shared. I am especially excited about the bruschetta, since Chuck doesn’t like tomatoes (crazy!) we never have bruschetta, so I think the mushroom version will be very popular at our house. We are cooking more and I try to go to the grocery store everyday so everything is fresh. Also that way it is a quick stop to pick up only the things you need that night, so it is easier and much tastier that way. We will let you know how successful we are with your new recipes! Thanks again, Leslie (USA)

Bon Giorno, we sat on the kitchen porch in Vagliagli one evening in June, sharing a bottle of wine and your cigarettes while you were preparing dinner which included Tuscan country soup with beans and vegetables. I can still almost taste it. May I ask for the recipe. Although mine could never taste quite like yours I'd like to try my hand at it. Hope this finds you well where ever you may be. If in the US, feel free to call. There is always an empty bed to sleep in and a bottle of wine. I'll even buy the cigarettes.Yours truly, Betsy (USA)



Hi Mattisse! We thoroughly enjoyed your company and cooking - many of the guests were asking when you're coming back for the next party. Your food was marvelous! We look forward to seeing you soon, either in Italy or here in the States.
All our best, Sandi & Rich (USA)


Greetings Chef Mattisse - our trip is over, we are back in the US and had a great time in Italy. We thoroughly enjoyed our cooking class - thanks again so much for a wonderful day! Beth (USA)

Hi Mattisse ! Thank you again for a wonderful evening of lessons and such an excellent dinner. Everyone talked about it for the rest of the week. You gained many fans that evening. We made it back to the US and miss Tuscany already. Please let me know when you're coming to Virginia next and also please send the recipes. Chris and Susan (USA)

Hello Chef Mattisse, Thank you so much for the cooking lesson you held in our villa, the participants really enjoyed themselves and learned a lot. Utensils were bought at the Poggibonsi Market Day. The cooking experience with you was one of the highlights of our trip. We'll be sure to recommend you to friends who may be visiting Tuscany. Thank you for sending the recipes. We plan on making the dinner again when we're altogether in the Fall. We have great memories of our Tuscan trip. Continued success with your cooking business. Robin (USA)



Dear Mattisse, Once again, thank you for such a wonderful time and delicious food last Monday (I am the American who was with the South African party). I both enjoyed the food, and the new techniques that you taught us. My parents will be visiting me this weekend in California, and I am hoping to cook the chicken and panna cotta for them! Thanks again, All my best, Rosemarie (USA/South Africa)


Dear Linda, Just wanted to thank you for making our trip to Tuscany even more special. We all loved Mattisse! What a treat he was! He could not have been more accommodating, i.e., are the helpings large enough; let's fine tune the menu. He even got us milk and eggs one day so we wouldn't have to go to a supermarket during our touring around. That was all frosting on the cake, as they say; his food was DELICIOUS! I don't know how he got the ribollita to have such a robust flavor an hour after he made it. We're already talking of going back next year, probably to a different spot in Tuscany. Mattisse will do an encore, for sure! Thanks again and best regards, Sally (USA)



Hallo Mattisse, kein Wunder daß die Leute dir die Bude einrennen, bei dem Essen. Wir erwarten dich in Frankfurt am Main, prosit Toskana und nochmals danke für alles, ciao Rolf und Marlene (Germany)

Hi Chef Mattisse, I would like to thank you very much for making my husband's birthday so special. He says that it was a day he will never forget. The food you prepared was absolutely wonderful and exactly what I had hoped it would be. The whole evening was made more special by your being there to share it with us. Many, many thanks again. Kind regards Carol (Scotland)

Dear Chef Mattisse, Greetings from Illinois. It was so nice to meet you at our villa and thank you so much for our wonderful evening of Tuscan cooking lesson and dining. Thanks again for providing us with such a special evening. Michele (USA)

Hello Chef, How funny, I was just speaking with a client about you this morning. It has always been a great pleasure to work with you and my clients have nothing but fabulous things to say about you and the services you provide. I look forward to another season of working with you. Warm regards, Julia (USA)



Dear Chef Mattisse, Thanks again for a great dinner and delightful evening at our Villa, we all so enjoyed it. I'm sorry the stove gave you such a hard time, but it did not affect the wonderful meal you prepared for us. Best regards and thanks again, Marilyn (USA)

Hello Mattisse, I am now attending a Culinary Arts School here in Kentucky. I thought you might like to know this information since the time that I spent under your tutelage has only reinforced my love of Cooking. I have been preparing food that I've been cooking lately as I had learned while I watched you. Many thanks for the guidance that you've given me. Clayton (USA)

Dear Mattisse Your dinners were so wonderful, delicious and entertaining, thank you so much. You made our trip even better. Please send any recipes that you can, we are all anxious to have the "Mattisse" touch. Regards, Leslie (USA)

Hello Mattisse, Thank you for being such a gracious host and chef to all of us last week. We can not tell you how much it meant to us. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany. We can't wait for our next visit. Thank you and we hope you will call us when in the states! Ciao, Bethann (USA)

Hi Mattisse, We are back in California and already miss Italy! We had a great time at our cooking class. The food was so amazing and it was fun watching you cook ! Thank you for giving us such a fun day! Ciao, Sylvia (USA)

Hey Mattisse, I cooked for a friend this evening and I cooked your spinach and tomatoes with a London broil and it was a major success. Thank you for getting me back into cooking, I love it. Votre AMI, Y (USA)

Dear Mattisse, without travel I would never had experienced the joy of dining with you at your lovely spot in Tuscany.You surely found a location with a superlative view. All of us from young to old enjoyed being with you in your "natural habitat". Not to mention, of course, your delightful and delicious meal. It was the highlight of my trip. Now - you must plan to stay with us in Winston-Salem on your next trip. Again many, many thanks for a charming afternoon. Martha (USA)



Hello Mattisse, Thank you so much for the photos and recipes!!! We arrived home late Monday evening after two days in London. Sunny Italy is now a lovely memory while here at home it has been raining for the last week and further heavy rain in predicted. We want you to know how thrilled we were to have had the opportunity to meet you and to experience the joy of your approach to cooking. We also learned a good deal about good cooking from you. We had our first meal at home last night, and my wife prepared chicken in the way you had demonstrated. It was delicious. You can be sure that we will be using your recipes and enjoying them for years to come. The photos are a wonderful reminder of that very memorable Tuscany experience with you. I hope we can keep in touch. We wish you much success as you expand your business and feel confident that great success is assured because you are extraordinary. We're hoping that our paths will cross again in the future. Tanti saluti from your new friends in Ridgewood, New Jersey, Jim, Vicki, Marc and Adele (USA)


Hi Mattisse, I hope you are doing well. We are getting ready to celebrate in grand style, as Lisa always does, although I'm sure she wishes you were available for the big party! The ladies are still using your cooking tips and techniques, and the general quality of the cooking has gone up around here -- thank you. Lisa will be travelling back to Italy in June with her daughter, and both of us hope to return next October. Until then, CinCin Cheers and Ciao to you from all of us here. Rick (USA)

Dear Mattisse, I am finally back in the USA and I do want to thank you for dinner last week.You are indeed a fabulous chef and believe me I have tested many a kitchen. Again, thank you so much for the kindness, the great food (loved the panna cotta for breakfast daily) and your friendship. This is a great combination. Have a pleasant winter and I hope your trip to the USA works out really well. All the best, Suzanne (USA)

Buon giorno Mattisse; What a wonderful surprise to hear that you are coming to the US, "all the funny ladies" would be more than happy to show you around and give you a good time. Mattisse we are still talking about you, what a wonderful cook you are. We enjoyed you so much that I am in the process of planning our next trip which I have decided that we need to return to Siena because it is so beautiful but also that we would love to have you come and cook for us again. Hope we can get together in Richmond, Ciao! Yvette (USA)



Mattisse, We are trying to honor a friend's 81st birthday and unfortunately the days are limited that they are available. We are extremely touched by your generous invitation and we know the food will be delicious wherever we are with you, but it was so wonderful having you in "our" kitchen and we would like to accept the service at our friend's villa. Thanks for your kind attention and being so helpful, Bill and Frannie (USA)

Mattisse, we did follow your recommended route and stop at the little seaside restaurant you recommended en route to the airport, and had a delightful and leisurely meal. I love the kite surfers we saw along the way as well. You were magnificant. Please allow us the honor of being a referral for you, and helping in any other way we can. Regards, Jim (USA)

Dear Chef, You made our family vacation very special , not only with your fabulous meals but also with your wonderful personality. We now have a close friend in Tuscany. You have the ability to relate to all of us, ages ranging from 3 years old to 60. I know that we will stay in touch. We look forward to seeing you soon either in Tuscany or New York City. Thanks for everything. All the best, Jay & Linda (USA)

Good Evening Mattisse; I know that you thought that I had forgotten you and you would never see the pictures. Surprise here they are and I hope you enjoy them.We're still talking about the wonder meal that you cooked for us and how much we enjoyed our whole evening. If I close my eyes I can still smell and taste the wonderful dinner. I was wondering if you would be willing to share your soup recipe with me as it was wonderful and I would love to try my hand at making it, however I know it would never match yours. Your Friends from Virginia Phyllis, Paula, Joanne, Nancy, Marguerite, Susan, Yvette and Helen (USA)

Dear Chef Mattisse, I have some wonderful pictures of my birthday dinner in Cortona last May. It was the highlight of our trip. The food was fabulous and I still can't believe you found our Villa so easily. I'm going to send you some pictures and a testimonial or whatever it is called, I promise. Thanks again. Renae and the whole group. (USA)



Mattisse I wanted to thank you again for making my birthday extra special. It was so delicious and just exactly what I had hoped it would be. I have checked out your new website and it is great and very user friendly. I look forward to receive some of those scrumptious recipes to try for my next dinner party. Again, thank you so very much, Audrey. (United Kingdom)

Lieber Mattisse, Deine Visitenkarte bekommt einen besonderen Platz bei mir. Die Vorbereitungen zur Konfirmation und das Essen haben einen bleibenden Eindruck bei mir hinterlassen: Es hat schlichtweg Spaß gemacht, auch Dir zu assistieren! Und wenn ich schon jetzt nicht mehr alle Gänge des Menu’s zusammenbekomme, so war alles doch wunderbar köstlich. Leider habe ich den Tipp mit dem Nudelwasser auch auf Deiner Website nicht gefunden, nämlich was Du alles so damit anstellst. Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg, Andrej (Germany)

Dear Mattisse, I am just back from Italy now too, and wanted to say thank you so much for absolutely "making" our trip. Being able to stay in for meals in this gorgeous villa watching the sunset, eating wonderful food with terrific wine was the epitome of relaxation for David and myself, as well as the others.We are still dreaming about those meals in that scenery, and David is anxious for me to make that gorgonzola sauce on the pappardelle soon, thanks to you. Ciao Cathrine (United Kingdom)



Mattisse - we have been home one week now and are just about caught up with the mail, dirty clothes, phone calls etc. Our family was so blessed to be able to enjoy such a splendid holiday at such a superb location and to know you made it even more wonderful. Not only were all your meals delicious, but it was really helpful to know someone who knew the area so well. Now we are dreaming and wondering if we will ever come back to that glorious place. Thank you for staying in touch with us so faithfully. You should know that Campbell considers the cooking class the highlight of his two weeks in Italy! Warmly, Martha (USA)

Thank you so very much for arranging Chef Mattisse for us. He did a magnificent job, we engaged him for three other meals and they were all delicious. In addition, he is a really nice guy. He is flexible, eager to please, and willing to accomodate one's individual tastes. We were travelling with three small kids, and I can't adequately express how wonderful it was to have these reasonably priced, delicious meals, in a setting more beautiful than any restaurant, and without the hassle involved in bringing small kids to a nice establishment. I think your other clients, especially those travelling with children or those travelling to celebrate a special event, would greatly enjoy his services. Thus, I would hire Mattisse again for several meals even if I were not in Italy to mark a special occasion. Regards, Charles (USA)



Chef Mattisse, what a gem! Not only is his cooking outstanding but so is his personality - so much so that the 7 of us gave up the dinning room and ate in the kitchen just so we could continue to enjoy Mattisse's company while he prepared a sumptuous meal for us! It was a wonderful way to spend our first night at the villa and by the end of the night we all felt like we made a new friend. We will be sure to call Mattisse again on our next visit to Tuscany!! Thanks again, Joe and Charlene (USA)


Dear Chef Mattisse, We cannot wait to come to Italy and have dinner with you. Hopefully you also suggest some other sights to see and places to eat in Tuscany. You have been a real pleasure to work with. I look forward to meeting you in person. Thank you in advance for your kind generosity, Gary (United Kingdom).

Hi Mattisse, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the two evenings you came and instructed us in the kitchen. It was great fun and delicious. I came away with new recipe ideas and also many helpful tips. I hope to have the opportunity to cook with you again. Our trip to Italy was outstanding in every way, but the evenings with you and our family were a highlight. Thank you, Kris (USA)

Buonasera Mattisse, nochmals herzlichen Dank für das hervorragende Abendessen und den interessanten Abend. Cordiali saluti
Klaus, Giuseppina & Riccardo (Germany)

Hi there Mattisse, We were just talking about our wonderful experience the night we arrived at the villa and you cooked and served Brian's birthday dinner. It was the most memorable evening of our trip. I hope to send more business your way as well as look you up when we're in Italia next year. All the best to you and yours, Ann and Brian (USA)

Dear Mattisse, it is so good to hear from you!!!! Once again I want to thank you for a wonderful, wonderful evening. It is one we will remember for the rest of our lives. You are terrific and an outstanding Chef! I will do all possible to send you as much business as I can, you have my word. Ciao Liz (USA)



Hi Mattisse, Martha passed along your "philosophy" on Tuscan cooking and we enjoyed remembering the smells and sounds of you cooking for us. Our 5 year old daughter, Sarah, still talks about your wisdom on how every cook should have his own basic taste and she enjoys creating her own. We have been trying some different combinations of Tuscan style soups this winter using white beans, carrots, celery, onions, etc. Do you have any favorites that you would like to pass along? Ciao (USA)

Hi Mattisse, Apparently you did an AWESOME job for my boss and her friends!! They were truly impressed! They all like to eat at the best restaurants in Philadelphia and truly appreciate fine food. As I'm in charge of the cruise department you are definitely on my list for any future clients. Thanks for doing such a class act! Myfwy (USA)

Dear Mattisse, we just wanted to say thank you for making our wedding dinner at our villa such a memorable occasion. The meal was fantastic, and the table setting with the flowers was absolutely beautiful. Thanks for helping to make our special day extra special. Regards, Simon and Sandra (United Kingdom)

Hi Chiara, I wanted to write to let you know that we had a lovely time and will be recommending you highly to friends and family. In addition we had Mattisse the "Chianti Chef" come and cook a birthday dinner for us at the villa - he did a great job and we had a fantastic time, great food and everything tidied away when he left. Rgds Sharon (Hongkong)

Chef Mattisse, we enjoyed very much your special cooking recently at our Villa. I would love to have the recipes for the chicken thighs, soup and others, because I did not write down the menus. Our dinners were unforgetable! Celeste (Canada)

Dear Mattisse - Greetings from Melbourne and thank you again for a wonderful dinner for our dear friend Ralph Thomas. He had a special evening thanks to you! We loved Tuscany and we loved you! If we ever come back again, we'll let you know. Sincerely, Annie (Australia)



Hi Mattisse, this is a terribly late e-mail, but I wanted to thank you for your wonderful chef services you provided to me and my family. The cooking class was just what my family has dreamed of doing and the food was delicious! Thank you for sending the recipes and we look forward to many good Tuscan meals here at home. Inger (USA)

Lieber Mattisse, es war sehr schoen bei Dir. Wir haben das herrliche Essen genossen, wie auch Dein schoenes Haus und die Gesellschaft. Jetzt wo wir wieder zu Hause sind ist es eine wunderbare Erinnerung an unseren Urlaub in der Toskana! Viele herzliche Gruesse von Rob & Ron (Holland)

Dear Mattisse, thanks again for your dinner. It was a great way to start an amazing vacation, that and getting back all our bags hand delivered from the airport. Take Care, Stephen (USA)

Mattisse, we had a fabulous time in Tuscany and later in Umbria.Your meals were among the highlights of our Italian vacation. We're all still talking about how delicious they were and wishing we could do it all over again. All the best, the Fuchs family (Australia)

Dear Chef Mattisse, we arrived home after a wonderful week in Tuscany, raving about the countryside, the sights, our adventures, and the wonderful dinner and pleasant evening spent with you. When we all reviewed our vacation, as we always do at the end, that evening was a highlight. I know that we have already started telling our other friends about you and your delicious dinner. Thank you again for adding to our fantastic 50th Anniversary. Cordially, Maxine (Canada)

Hallo Herr Mattisse, unser Italienaufenthalt war wie immer ein Erlebnis. Eine grosse Bereicherung dieses Urlaubs aber waren die beiden Kochabende mit Ihnen und das herrliche Essen. Nochmals ein herzliches Dankeschoen und vielleicht sehen wir uns im naechsten Jahr wieder. Ciao Max und Dorothea (Austria)

Mattisse, please accept this overdue thank you note for the wonderful dinner that you prepared for us and our family at our Villa. Since we arrived home we haven’t stopped talking about the wonderful dinner you prepared for us (and showed us how to make). It was truly the best meal we had on our holiday in Italy! Please enjoy the upcoming holiday season. Dana and Marc (USA)



Mattisse, we still remember our Tuscan trip with fondness, and especially savor the memory of your delicious meals. Happy new year, Barbara (Australia)

Dear Mattisse, I'm still walking on air from our wonderful trip. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful dinner you prepared for us and the patience you exhibited in answering all my questions as we planned this dinner wonder for 10 people! When we walked in after a day in Siena and some small chianti towns to the sound of opera and the smells of bruscetta permeating the house it felt like we were honored guests in a story book. The bruschetta con funghi was so delicious I would love to have the recipe. Both the chicken and the veal milanese were great as were both pastas and the vegetables were perfectly prepared. As for the Panna Cotta and the lemon cake, we're still talking about them....not exactly diet food...but not to be missed. We loved our dinner with you. It was a celebration and you made it a memorable experience which none of us will ever forget. Thanks again and best wishes for your continuing success, Esteruth (USA)


Lieber Herr Mattisse, ich moechte mich nochmals bei Ihnen bedanken, auch im Namen unserer Kursteilnehmer, fuer Ihre professionelle kulinarische Betreuung und Bewirtung. Sie haben mit dazu beigetragen, dass unser Seminar ein voller Erfolg wurde. Auch Ihnen wuensche ich weiterhin viel Erfolg mit Ihrem Chefservice, wir bleiben in Kontakt ! Dr. Sauter (Germany)

…oh Mattisse, you know what "outstanding" means ?! We need you right here, right now, maybe come over during the winter season, I am not kidding. Just let me know ! Ciao Diane (USA)

Dear Chef, I hope that you have been well and very busy - food, music, travel and more. This long weekend we celebrated "Labor Day". Our family spent a lot of time together. You should feel proud that as we sat around just relaxing & talking, your name came up. All of us remembered the wonderful dinners we had together - the food - the fun - the wine - and our new friend : you. I thought you should know this. All of us had a story or two about you. Anything special going on in Tuscany? We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to seeing you soon. Is there anything you would like from the "States"? Just let me know. Time to go to sleep. All the best , Jay (USA)

Mattisse, we enjoyed our dinner with you at our Villa so much! It began a week of much food, wine and merriment. Our son Bill proposed to his girlfriend on that Wednesday and that added to our celebration. Thank you so much for coming. You were a delight and so was your food. I will recommend you to anyone that is lucky enough to do what we did! Thanks again. Ciao! Ellen (USA)



Hello Mattisse, By now you may be feeling that we have forgotten about you and the wonderful evening we spent with you. Please be assured that we think of you often and have shared the memories of that happy evening with family and friends on many occasions. The fun we had in selecting the menu and the friendly warmth with which you received us, we felt the welcoming ambience and thank you for the delicious meal, prepared with care and obviously great knowledge of cullinary skills. The wine was much appreciated as was the music, your attention to detail, like the beautiful roses, and for the special way in which you responded to Amelia. She has drawn a picture for you which she will be sending in the not too distant future. Please remember that "when" you come to South Africa, we would love to host you. Kind regards, from the 5 of us......Dave, Pauline, Amelia, Bill and Marion (South Africa).

Hallo Mattisse, alles was recht ist, du hast meine Kochphilosophie der letzten 10 Jahre voellig ueber den Haufen geworfen … ich habe noch nie so gutes Essen mit so wenigen Zutaten genossen, ja du hast recht, "weniger ist mehr". Vielen Dank fuer die beiden super Kochtage und sag’ uns bescheid wenn du nach Deutschland kommst, 2 Events sind dir sicher !! Ciao amico, Georg und Kathi (Germany)

Mattisse, I wanted to say thank you for the lovely meal you cooked for all 16 of us, even with an oven that kept switching off !! And thanks for the cake you prepared for Jason - you'll be pleased to hear what we didn't manage to eat on the night soon got polished off the next day ! It was nice for us all to be able to sit down and enjoy our meal together without anyone having to worry or sort any food out, and especially not having to do any of the clearing up! We all really appreciated it, especially as our villa was quite a trip for you, and up an especially bumpy road - but you handled it all in your stride. Thanks again - and next time we're back in Tuscany (which will be a definite) we will give you a call. Take care, Lucy (United Kingdom)


Hi Mattisse, thanks so much for a fantastic cooking lesson last week. During the rest of the week we put lots of your tips into practice and they all worked. This Thursday I'm having a dinner party and want to make the meal you made us, so please could you send me the recipes and I'll send them on to all the others, Thanks again, Claudia (United Kingdom)

Hi Mattisse, you cooked for my whole family at our villa near Florence. I would like to know if you could give me the recipe of the famous tuscan bread soup (ribollita). Of course we loved all of the dinners you cooked for us, but this tuscan soup was one of our favorites. Also we would like to buy a couple of your aprons. (you were out at the time) Thanks and keep up the good cooking. David (USA)

Mattisse, my most sincere apologies for getting to you at such a late time. I am now sending you the pictures that were taken when we were cooking. And in some personal news I have used the dishes that you showed me to have my family and friends eat, and they loved it as much as they did in Italy. I have started making other meals for myself and I am achieving consistency. Again Thank you for your teaching. Clayton (USA)


Hi there Mattisse. Thanks so much for the bread soup recipe. we had bread soup at the wedding and it was so fantastic that we were all debating how you might make it and now we know! Ciao Claudia (United Kingdom)

Mattisse, Thanks again for the wonderful culinary day last week, everyone had a terriffic time. It proved to be the most memorable day in a most memorable trip. Our entire group though it was an exceptional experience. We would always be happy to be an enthusiastic reference. Best personal regards, Peter (USA)

Hello Mattisse, a month late but I am following up from our dinner. I have put to use some of your techniques, taught in our cooking lesson, especially the cutting, and am very pleased (I haven't cut myself yet!). We thoroughly enjoyed our lesson, our meal and your wonderful sense of humor. We should have had you back for our last evening there to send us on our way home. We are having our "post Italy" get together very soon and I am sure some of your dishes will show up on the table. Thanks again, Diana, Carl and Lorine (USA)

Hi Mattisse, I took two cooking classes from you a few weeks ago when I was staying with my sister Pamela outside Siena. We all loved your food and are constantly talking about what we should try to cook from your menu. My husband is dying for the risotto with gorgonzola and I would like to replicate the bruschetta and bean soup. Everyone has their favorite. I was wondering, would you help us with this. I hope that you are eating well and enjoying your summer. Thank you very much. Sarah (USA)

Mattisse, we thank you for cooking and serving a great dinner for all 18 of us at our Villa this past fall. You do a great job. You were on time and the crowd loved you. Tom (USA)



Hi Mattisse, we have some friends from Dallas who are planning a trip to Tuscany and have recommended that they definitely have at least one of your fabulous dinners. I hope it works out for you both! Best regards and Happy Holidays, Martha & Irving (USA)


Chef Mattisse: During our last visit to Tuscany you provided our group with an outstanding meal at our villa in Montalcino. We are coming back to Tuscany - different group and different location - closer to you I believe and are looking forward to another of your outstanding evenings. We have also given your name to our friends from New York City and I believe you are already booked to provide their family with a terrific meal. We look forward to hearing from you seeing you again. Lynne & Chuck (USA)

Hi Chef Mattisse, I thoroughly enjoyed your services on three occasions. The cooking class was so much fun and I learned so much from that experience. I still haven't had time to work on the video but I will send some photos. I would also like the recipes for the fantastic meals you prepared for us. Several friends that were unable to come to Tuscany with us will be coming over for dinner in the next week and I would like to prepare an authentic Tuscan meal for them. With your recipes I'll be well on the way. Again I would like to thank you for making our Tuscan adventure so fantastic. I've been telling everyone about you and hope to see you again. Ciao, Anne (USA)

Guuuten Abend Herr Mattisse, wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, werden Sie in Baelde in HH-Burg sein und bei Freunden von mir eines Ihrer zauberhaften Menues servieren. Ich freue mich sehr Sie hier bei uns im Norden wieder zu sehen und wuensche Ihnen bis dahin beste Geschaefte, Gesundheit, Inspiration und Lebensfreude. Herzliche Gruesse, Norbert (Germany)


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